Find Out 7 Ways to Use Your Car to Earn Cash

Find Out 7 Ways to Use Your Car to Earn Cash

Looking for ways to earn some extra cash? If you have a reliable car and creativity, you don’t have to look too far. From delivering food to giving people rides, there are plenty of options available.

How you use your car is up to you – some people even use their cars as their primary source of income. If you want to use your car to earn extra money, here are seven options to consider.

1. Ridesharing

Driving for a ridesharing app is a popular way to make money. It’s simple and straightforward. The app alerts you to people looking for a ride. Then, you pick them up, drop them off and get most of the proceeds.

One of the benefits of driving for a ridesharing service is setting your own schedule. Depending on where you drive, you might be able to work at any time of the day. Plus, you can often choose the areas you want to drive in. Don’t want to put too much mileage on your car? You may choose to stick to a small area and give local rides.

There are a handful of ridesharing services to choose from, too. In fact, you can even drive for multiple services to expand your earning potential. Uber and Lyft are two of the most popular services you can drive for.

Keep in mind that you may be limited depending on your insurance company. Some companies might not allow you to participate, while others may require you to purchase additional coverage if you choose to sign up.

2. Food Delivery 

Food delivery is a booming industry. You can make money by delivering food from numerous restaurants in your area. Food delivery apps make it easy to find customers and have consistent orders.

There are a few drawbacks, though, like incorrect orders or long wait times. Because it’s such a popular way to earn money, you might be waiting for your customer’s food behind dozens of other drivers.

3. Displaying Ad Stickers

One way to capitalize on your commute is to display advertisement stickers on your car. You don’t even need to change your routine; just slap on the sticker and drive your normal route.

Depending on the company that gives you the sticker, you might need to meet minimum mileage and other requirements. For example, companies might be looking for drivers with long commutes that cover a good distance. But the earning potential is there.

4. Renting Out Your Car

When you’re not using your car, you may consider renting it out for some extra cash. You’d be surprised at the number of people who may be interested in renting your vehicle, from travelers and tourists to locals just looking to make a day trip. And, if you have a unique or rare car, you may be able to charge a little extra.

There are a few downsides to renting out your car, like not being able to use it if something comes up. Plus, your vehicle will incur more mileage, and there’s always the risk of excess wear and tear or damages. Not to mention some insurance companies might prohibit you from renting your car out at all.

5. Helping People Move

If you have a truck, van or car with a decent-sized trunk, you may be able to earn some extra money helping people move. You need to be willing to do some physical labor, like lifting boxes or transporting furniture. But you can charge your own rates based on the amount of stuff you’re moving or the distance you’ll be driving.

There are even some apps you can sign up for that match you with customers, making it easy to seek out people in need of moving services. TaskRabbit is one of the most popular apps for this kind of job. You can even find other tasks on the app, like general handywork or labor.

6. Delivering Other Items

There’s really no limit (other than the law) to the things you can deliver. Aside from prepared meals, people use their phones to order goods right to their door. If you live in a city and you have a car, you can help deliver items to people limited to public transportation.

Millions of people rely on grocery delivery services to get their weekly items. You can get paid to shop and deliver groceries from hundreds of stores. Other popular items include household goods and pet care items.

There are a handful of delivery apps you can use to find clients, like Instacart and Shipt. Also, you can set your own schedule.

7. Driving for Babysitting

Busy families are always looking for an extra hand to help them pick up, drop off and transport their kids to all their various activities. If you’re looking into getting involved in babysitting, having a vehicle may help you earn a job and some cash.  

Of course, most families will want to be sure your vehicle is safe and reliable, so you might need to meet minimum safety requirements. You may also need to undergo a background and criminal history check.

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